Dietary Menu

Dietary Department

Food is a big part of everyone’s lives and we are conscious to how important food is to our residents.  We are proud of our Dietary Department which has chefs who dish out the most delicious recipes made with fresh vegetables and fruits from scratch in a home-like environment.

We are capable of catering to special dietary needs including but not limited to :

  • Regular Diet
  • Mechanically Soft Diet
  • Pureed Diet
  • Cardiac Diet
  • ADA Diet / Diabetic Diet
  • Gluten-Free Diet
  • Renal Diet
  • PEG tube feeding
  • and more…

Ask us about our Hydration Program and our Juice and Smoothie Program.

Healthy diet, regular exercise and implementing the right behavioral interventions – we notice a decrease in the requirements of medications that need to be used, thereby optimizing the quality of life experienced by our residents.Detailed food preferences and information regarding allergies may be indicated to the Angel Gardens staff at the time of admission and the same information is then noted in the Resident Centered Service Plan.

The dietary menu could be obtained from the office at any point in time.